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Moncrabeau, Southwestern France – Academy of Liars

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Moncrabeau is situated in the border region between the departments of Lot-et-Garonne and the Gers, southwestern France.
The « Academie des Menteurs»  (Academy of Liars) was founded in the 18th century by citizens who were inspired by the stories told by a too- zealous monk of Condom. From far and near people came to listen to his invented tales and in the end even different categories of story-telling were created: the best, the funniest, the most (and the least…) probable etc.
Today the forty members of the academy still honour the original principles as stated in their ‘Lettres patentes’ (charter): ‘… all boasters, newsmongers and liars who excel in the noble art of lying, without harming anyone except the truth, of which they here solemnly swear to be the hereditary enemy…’
The contest has been held continuously from the 18th century till today and the academy has made Moncrabeau the world’s capital of lying. Every first Sunday of August the ‘Grand Concours International des Menteurs’ takes place, at the end of which the King of Liars is crowned. He is the one who, according to an everlasting tradition, is adjudged by the members of the jury by means of the heaviest purse of… grains of salt, to be the winner.

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